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Aluminum Parts Finishing Emphasizes High Precision And High Quality Nov 01, 2017

Aluminum parts processing deformation of many reasons, and material, parts shape, production conditions have a relationship. Mainly the following aspects: rough deformation caused by the blank, cutting force, cutting heat caused by deformation, clamping force caused by deformation.

Aluminum parts of the material in the process of deformation, in addition to the above reasons, in practice, the operation method is also very important.

1, for the processing of large spare parts, in order to make it in the processing process have better cooling conditions, to avoid heat concentration, processing, should adopt symmetrical processing. If a piece of 90mm thick sheet needs to be processed to 60mm, if the milling side immediately after milling the other side, a processing to the final size, the flatness of 5mm; if repeated use of symmetry processing, each side of the two processing The final size, can guarantee the flatness of 0.3mm.

2, if the plate parts on a number of cavities, processing, it is not appropriate to use a cavity of a cavity in the order of processing methods, which easily lead to uneven parts and deformation of the parts. Using layers of multiple processing, each layer as much as possible at the same time processing to all the cavity, and then processing the next level, so that parts even force, reduce deformation.

3, by changing the amount of cutting to reduce the cutting force, cutting heat. In the three elements of the amount of cutting, the amount of knife back on the cutting force of a great impact. If the processing margin is too large, a knife cutting force is too large, not only will deformation of parts, but also affect the machine tool spindle stiffness, reduce tool durability. If you reduce the amount of back to eat knife, but also make the production efficiency greatly reduced. However, in the NC machining are high-speed milling, can overcome this problem. In reducing the amount of kneading knife at the same time, as long as the corresponding increase in feed, improve the speed of the machine, you can reduce the cutting force, while ensuring processing efficiency.

4, knife order should pay attention to. Roughing is emphasized to improve the processing efficiency, the pursuit of unit time within the removal rate, generally can be used reverse milling. That is, the fastest speed, the shortest time to remove the excess surface of the blank material, the basic formation of the required geometry of the finishing. The finishing is emphasized by the high-precision high-quality, should adopt smooth milling. Because the cutting thickness of the knife teeth is gradually reduced from the maximum to the zero, the degree of work hardening is greatly reduced, and the deformation degree of the parts is reduced.

5, thin-walled parts in the processing due to the deformation of the fixture, even if the finishing is also difficult to avoid. In order to minimize the deformation of the workpiece, it is possible to loosen the pressing member before the finish is about to reach the final size, so that the workpiece is free to return to its original state and then slightly pressed to allow the workpiece to be clamped With the feel), so you can get the desired processing results. In short, the role of clamping force on the support surface of the best, the clamping force should be applied in the direction of good rigidity of the workpiece, to ensure that the workpiece is not loose under the premise of the smaller the better clamping force.

6, in the processing of cavity parts with the cavity, the processing cavity as much as possible not to let the cutter like a drill bit like a straight down into the parts, resulting in milling cutter chip space is not enough, chip is not smooth, resulting in parts overheating, expansion and collapse Knife, broken knife and other adverse phenomena. First with the cutter with the same size or large drill bit drill hole, and then milling cutter. Alternatively, you can use the CAM software to produce a spiral cutter program.

The main factors that affect the machining accuracy and surface quality of aluminum parts are the deformation of the parts during the machining process, which requires the operator to have certain operational experience and skills.