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Hydraulic Parts Not Long-term Oil Shortage Work Oct 23, 2017

(1)Hydraulic Parts The phenomenon of air absorption is one of the main causes of high noise of hydraulic pump. When the oil is mixed with air, it is easy to form cavitation phenomenon in the high-pressure zone, and it spreads in the form of pressure wave, which causes the system to produce cavitation noise.

(2) Excessive abrasion of internal components of hydraulic pump, such as plunger pump cylinder and flow plate, plunger and column female and other parts of the wear and tear, so that the leakage of hydraulic pump is serious, when the hydraulic pump output high-pressure, small flow of oil will produce flow pulsation, triggering higher noise. At this time, the deflection angle of the pilot system variable mechanism can be enlarged to improve the effect of internal leakage on pump output flow. Hydraulic Pump servo valve spool,Hydraulic Parts control flow piston will also be due to local wear, tensile injury, so that the piston in the movement of the pulse, resulting in the hydraulic pump output flow and pressure fluctuations, so that the pump at the exit to produce greater vibration and noise. At this time can wear, pull the serious components of the brush plating or replacement treatment.

(3) The hydraulic pump plate is also one of the important components that easily cause noise. In the use of the flow plate due to surface wear or sludge deposition in the unloading groove opening, will make the unloading Groove shorten and change the unloading position, resulting in the phenomenon of trapped oil, and then lead to higher noise. In the normal repair process, the flat grinding repair of the flow plate will also appear to be short of the consequences of unloading slots, at this time if not in time to the appropriate slender,Hydraulic Parts will also produce greater noise. In the assembly process, the large unloading groove of the flow plate must be installed in the high-pressure cavity of the pump, and its sharp angle direction and the cylinder body's rotation must be opposite, otherwise it will bring the big noise to the system.

1. Hydraulic parts In accordance with the provisions of the maintenance cycle to replace hydraulic oil, oil filter, the pilot filter, and note that there is no adsorption of iron filings, copper crumbs. When using crusher, the deterioration of hydraulic oil is accelerated and the replacement period should be shortened.

Not long-term oil shortage work. After the replacement of hydraulic oil or hydraulic components,Hydraulic Parts pay attention to air discharge.

2. Electrical device attention Waterproof, do not involve deep water operations, do not use water directly to wash the electrical components when cleaning.

Do not stack debris in the battery box, especially metal tools, easy to trigger fire. Do not replace insurance with wire and wire, and not with substandard insurance. Long-term excavator to remove battery line to prevent feed.

3. The engine oil, the oil filter must use the positive factory piece absolutely, according to the stipulation maintenance cycle replacement. The old machine need to care more carefully, oil machine filter replacement time can be shortened as appropriate, so that the engine life longer. Diesel oil as far as possible to use regular gas stations to provide, even if the regular gas stations add diesel, do not directly add fuel tanks, before adding the filter (more commonly used method is in the refueling mouth set socks).