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Water Pump Parts With A High Degree Of Sealing And Sufficient Rigidity And Strength Nov 01, 2017

The Water Pump Parts and its accessories are an integral part of the design of the pumping unit. In the pump selection matching, according to the pump station site terrain, geological conditions, pump models and into the outlet pool, pump structure and other specific conditions for piping and accessories supporting the design. In the case of

First, the pipeline matching

Pumping pipeline supporting design, including water inlet and outlet pipe in two parts. The inlet line should have a high degree of sealing and sufficient rigidity and strength, and require a small loss of head. Pipes often use hose, steel pipe or cast iron pipe. Small power pumps can also be used with hard plastic tubing. Hose prices are high, wear large, short life, only for temporary pumping device. Steel pipe commonly used in water and gas pipe and pipe. 150mm below the small diameter water gas pipe, 200mm or more can be used when the welded steel pipe. Have a series of standard diameter for selection. In the case of

In order to reduce the head loss, improve the installation height of the pump, the Water Pump Parts required length is short, the diameter is generally larger than the pump inlet diameter. The flow rate in the tube can be selected between 1.5 ~ 2.0m s. This can reduce the head loss,Water Pump Parts improve the pump cavitation performance, but also reduce the pump house digging depth, and pipeline investment increased little. Pipeline accessories should be strictly selected. In the case of

When the inlet pipe is working in the negative pressure state, it shall meet the stability requirement. If the steel pipe is adopted, the wall thickness should be greater than Do / 130 (Do is the diameter of the inlet pipe). In the case of

Pipe joints, requiring no leakage, no gas. Therefore, the top of the horizontal section of the inlet pipe can not be higher than the inlet of the pump inlet. When the inlet diameter is larger than the inlet diameter of the pump, it must be connected with eccentric

(A) the inlet pipe is in line with the inlet diameter of the pump; (b) the diameter of the inlet pipe is greater than the diameter of the pump inlet

1, supporting design points

Centrifugal pump pumping pipe should be equipped with operating valves (butterfly valve), in the open and shut down when the valve closed, reducing power. For the high-head, long pipeline pumping station, the accident pump may cause the unit long-term overturning or water hammer pressure is too high, it is recommended to use two-stage closed slow closing valve. This valve can effectively control the unit reverse speed,Water Pump Parts reduce the water hammer pressure, but also open and close the water, there is a valve with the characteristics of the valve as the operation is more ideal. The check valve must be determined by water hammer calculation. Vacuum suction device can be used to cancel the end valve

Axial pump pumping device outlet pipe can not be installed on the valve. Install the door at the end of the outlet pipe to prevent the pool from flowing backwards. In the case of

The selection of the door should be based on the pump station head, flow, export area and channel form and other comprehensive consideration, the choice of the overall free-style door,Water Pump Parts balance the neutral door and double-style door and so on. In the case of

2, vacuum suction device

When the installation height of the pump is higher than the water level of the water inlet, before the start of the unit must be on the outlet pipe valve before the pump and the pipeline filled with water in order to make the pump normal operation. Vacuum pumping device is a commonly used water filling equipment. It is assembled from vacuum pumps and other equipment

Water ring vacuum pump The cylindrical pump housing is fitted with an eccentric tooth impeller. Pump casing is filled with circulating water, in the vacuum,Water Pump Parts the impeller rotation, due to the role of centrifugal force, the pump casing is thrown into the circulating water around the impeller, in the pump shell wall to form a rotating water ring. And because the impeller is eccentric installed in the pump shell, so the water ring and the teeth formed between the different size of the space. When the impeller rotates clockwise,Water Pump Parts the space between the two halves of the right half gradually increases. Under the closed condition, as the volume of the air increases, the pressure decreases, resulting in a vacuum, the main unit pump and the air in the pipeline The space between the two leaves of the left part of the vacuum pump impeller is gradually reduced, so the air is compressed and the pressure increases. Finally, the space through the vacuum pump pump shell is left by the vacuum pump. Crescent-shaped vent holes discharge vacuum pump, into the water vapor separation box, so that the separation of the circulating water and then re-application. The There are many types of vacuum pumps, irrigation and drainage stations often use water ring vacuum pump.